Hi there,  my name is Martin J Bowes, and I’m dedicating my career to maximizing the development of the athletes that choose to work with me.

I have experience coaching athletes in a variety of settings.  Some may know of my first venture, “Hub City Lacrosse.” This business bounced around from location to location pending my clientele.  Now, I have a home in a location I believe to be optimal in servicing my clients, and thus MJBowes Lacrosse is born.

As an athlete, I have completely changed my lifestyle to optimize my performance on the field.  After competing for the University of Hartford (’08 – ’12), I started my professional career with the Boston Cannons (MLL).

Adopting new habits and learning vital information about how to prepare and recover my body from a physical, mental, and nutritional standpoint is what brought me from a practice squad player to a mainstay in the league.  These are the keys to any athlete’s development, and this is the information I will be imparting on all my athletes.