Improve your game on your own time, anywhere you choose.  This new product is for any lacrosse athlete that is willing to put in WORK on their own time to achieve their goals.  This is the most individualized and hands on online development program for lacrosse athletes that there is. Here’s how it works:

Each “PHASE” will include the following:

(1-2 weeks pending how quickly you perform the drills and send your videos back to me)

We start with a phone call, I need to know your playing/ training experience as well as any short and long term goals you may have within lacrosse.  After our initial phone call I will send over the “Practice Plan 1 Video.”  This takes you through the drills (included is a proper warmup and cool down) you will do on your own.  You’ll be asked to film (or have a parent/ friend film) yourself doing about 10 reps of each drill.  You’ll then send that video to me for initial evaluation, and I get to work on your  “Developmental Videos.” You will receive THREE developmental videos, each being 5 – 15 minutes long pending the given skill/ drill.

Each personalized developmental video has TWO parts:

  1. I outline a concept or technique that is going to help your efficiency of a given skill (ex: stickhandling, throwing and catching techniques [there are a few], creating separation, controlling our momentum and incorporating that into stick work etc..).  Each concept we learn is based on your level within given skill sets (as well as any specific requests, within my realm of expertise, you may want to learn).
  2. A specific drill or drill progression that incorporates learning how to apply the concept at hand.  This way every drill you perform, you know what to focus on as well as the fundamental purpose of the drill and how it will help you in the game of lacrosse.

For each concept/ drill progression, you will be asked to film (or have a parent/ friend film) yourself trying out the drill with the given purpose and focal point in mind.  Send that video my way.  FEEDBACK IS EVERYTHING.  This is where we improve! I will set up phone calls to answer any questions about the  content you may have.

To finalize each phase, I create a custom practice plan video that incorporates the concepts we’ve worked on.  You’ll then film (or have parent/ friend film) yourself performing this practice to send my way.  As a closer, FEEDBACK is then given in a video or written format to summarize our progress.

At the end of each phase you will have an entirely new and improved skill set.  You will also have the tools to practice with more efficiency and purpose on your own or with friends!.

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