As lacrosse continues to grow, so does the pool of competition.  To excel, an athlete needs to improve technique and mechanics on multiple fronts.  It is not possible to master or see real improvements on skills by simply seeing it done correctly. To truly improve any skill, the athlete must practice skill sets at a level slightly above their current abilities.  By slowing movement patterns down to teach the small details, then speeding them up once a technique is corrected, the athlete can learn and improve at an accelerated pace. This is called deep practice.

  • Athletes will be in groups no larger than 6.
  • Groups will be formed based on gender, position, age, and skill level.
  • Small group training is beneficial to all athletes involved.  Athletes feed off of each other’s energy, the small group setting is the best way to learn and hone new skills.  ENROLL


Goal Setting:
First, we must define what it is we are working towards. Each athlete will set realistic long and short term goals. This process includes a self evaluation where the athlete will reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses.

Skill Development:
Each athlete possesses different physical and mental attributes that contribute to who they are as an athlete. This program teaches athletes to maintain a growth mindset when approaching any given skill.  It’s not just about repetitions, it’s about repetitions in a state of deep practice.



Stick Skills
Make the right play in any situation. Increase shot power, accuracy and efficiency. Become an overall more consistent thrower.  Learn the concepts here, take the routines with you to Wall Ball sessions and continue improving on your own time.

Ground Balls
The most important stat in the game.  Drills with G.B’s are constantly incorporated into the program.

Foot Work
High intensity speed and agility drills with advanced concepts tacked on.  Athletes will be taught how to run, create separation, break down on defense, and use their bodies more efficiently.

Core Strength & Stability
Core power and stability is the base for everything we do as an athlete.  We build the athlete from the inside out.

Flexibility & Range of Motion
This is something that is often overlooked.  Poor flexibility leads to injury.  Increased flexibility not only decreases our chance of injury, but increases our capacity to get faster and stronger.

Learn about the power nutrient timing.  How to both prepare and recover from training sessions, practices and games.

Goal Setting
This program is tailored to each individual athlete.  We will work together to set both short and long term goals, and then map out the plan to attain them.

Feedback: Providing feedback will be something that is done every single session.  Constant feedback is a 2 way street, athletes that buy into this program will learn this is an ongoing process for improvement!